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Business Telephone Systems

We at ComNet Electrical are experienced in the field of telephony and are moving with the times. Over the years we have worked with the older PABX systems but are very excited to be able to offer our customers VoIP phone systems.

ComNet Electrical is proud to offer the services of the supply and installation of VoIP phone systems. We handle phone systems of all sizes from small to large infrastructures. We personally use VoIP telephony and we are thrilled with what this technology has to offer. Some people are still sceptical to move to this new technology but we believe that once you make the move you won't look back. Since we have been installing VoIP systems we have only had positive feedback from our clients.

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ComNet Electrical designs phone systems to give your business the intelligent features that it needs. We aim to match the functions of our systems to your needs, build solutions to match your budget and plan for future growth. We integrate and install our systems with minimal disruption. We can even integrate our VoIP Phone lines onto most existing phone systems, so that you can also benefit from the cost savings that VoIP has to offer with minimal financial outlay.

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Give us a call and let us discuss how we can improve your telephone system and reduce your monthly communication costs.

How VoIP works

How VOIP Works Picture VoIP PABX is simply "Voice", or a normal phone call, going over the internet instead of traditional Telstra phone lines. Normal phone calls travel across copper wire (PSTN) or digital (ISDN) phone lines that have been laid out all over Australia by Telstra. When you make a call your voice travels across these wires to your destination. VoIP phone calls are different because you don't need cables - you just need an internet connection.