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Data and Voice Communications Cabling

Future proof your voice and data communications infrastructure.

ComNet Electrical designs and installs structured cabling systems to support stable commercial voice, data and video communication systems.

Let ComNet Electrical provide you with a future proof data & communications cabling system.

In a rapidly advancing information age, it is critical to install the correct communications infrastructure.

Structured Cabling Solutions allow the user to install information outlets that can transmit voice, data and a host of other services to the desk top.

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Let ComNet Electrical provide you with a future proof cabling system to meet your data communication system needs for years to come.

ComNet Electrical systems designers have a wealth of experience in many diverse environments including copper twisted pair, optical fibre, local area networks, wide area networks, computer room design and security and surveillance systems.

ComNet Electrical can design, project manage and install a certified structured cabling system that will meet your performance needs both now and in the future.

During the design phase, ComNet Electrical will assist in designing with specifications as a solution to suit your needs, ensuring that your bandwidth requirements are met. We provide on-site training on patching and management as part of our project services to ensure that the physical attributes of the solution are suitable to your needs.

Installing a state of the art cabling system requires a high degree of skill and at ComNet Electrical we can guarantee all our technicians are qualified to the required level.

Our services cover the complete range of communications technology:
  • Communications cabling
  • Cat 6 STP 10 GIG structured cabling systems
  • Cat 5E, Cat6, Cat7 structured cabling systems
  • Cable assemblies & patch cords
  • Fibre optic cabling networks (including desktop and backbone cabling)
  • Microwave & wireless solutions (802.3a,b & g)
  • ISDN and WAN - router, frame relay, private connections
  • LAN - Ethernet switches & hubs, token ring, ATM, IBM 3270 etc, together with associated local and network operating systems
  • Network design & implementation
  • Voice systems
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You'll be surprised at how many cable installations do not pass or meet the current and relevant Australian and International Standards, particularly Categories 6 and 7 as well as Optical Fibre Standards.

This occurs despite the fact that a Consulting Engineer has been paid thousands of dollars to prepare a Scope of Works, Specifications and Detailed Drawings.

ComNet Electrical has been involved in assisting organizations identify the validity of their newly installed cabling by carrying out independent, comprehensive and autonomous testing. In some cases this has been done even after the vendor certification has been issued to the end user client.

Find out if you've got what you've paid for.

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